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But First, Coffee…

Posted by Store Manager on

But First, Coffee…

Your favourite Bean Body coffee scrubs have received an epic makeover and they are ready to rub you the right way.

There’s a chill in the air, the days are getting shorter, and it’s taking all your willpower to skip the snooze button in the morning. That can only mean one thing - Winter has well and truly arrived. That means you finally have a ready made excuse to stay indoors to binge The Bold Type with the heater firmly set to tropical Island mode.However, as a result your skin is probably feeling dry, dehydrated and generally less delightful than usual. That’s why our newly reformulated range of Bean Body coffee scrubs couldn’t have launched at a better time to act as the skin hero your body not only needs but deserves.

Proudly offering an A to Z(its) guide to dealing with blemishes, cellulite & stretch marks, our premium body care products will awaken the senses to give you the most hydrated, silky smooth skin of your life.It’s a big call (we know) but we’ve got the goods to back it up with our collection of coffee-infused beauty pick-me-ups that’ll give your skin the caffeine kick it craves. While we love nothing more than a cup of Joe, we know our signature active ingredient, fair-trade and freshly-ground Arabica Coffee really shines when applied topically.Acting as a powerful physical exfoliant, our body scrubs harness the natural power of the humble coffee bean to buff away impurities and boost circulation, whilst polishing the skin and resurfacing the epidermis.

Our mission is crystal clear; our beans with benefits aim to keep the largest organ in your body - your skin - supremely happy while simultaneously using their antioxidant super powers to further boost brightness and reduce inflammation.This all resonates through the look and feel of our range, that’s why we’re so proud that our glow-up - our new and improved branding and packaging - reflects the general awesomeness within. As we truly believe our customers are works of art, and that their skincare should be too. In fact, it’s our hope that every single Bean Body devotee embraces the holistic sensory experience we’ve created through our textures, fragrances and visual appeal.

Our first two products, the Bee My Manuka and Coconut Ruff Coffee Scrubs, have already earned a glowing reputation and we have plans to add to our range throughout the year with nourishing body oils and whipped cream exfoliators.